how to develop an seo friendly website
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Those days are gone when we used to play with Google algorithms. In recent years, we have seen forceful changes in the Google algorithms. Google is more advanced now.

Here are the 5 things to keep in mind while developing an SEO friendly websites

Yes, if you are a digital marketer, you’ve got positively detected of the penguin, panda, hummingbird updates, and there are more to cover. Currently, the quality standards that the Google is maintaining are quite amazing. The recent changes in SERP, there are entirely new results being shown in search engine results. Digital marketers are compelled to modify and restrategize the techniques that they have been using till now.

1.Color psychology

Are you still curious on, “how the color will assist you in digital Marketing”?

Color plays a very important role in our lives since birth. So, color is something we have a tendency to not ignore. The beauty of any website will attract the users, the design, and feel of your Application. The website should be hypnotic. There should be a ‘Wow’ moment that should strike one’s mind.  Technically in websites, brands, and logos, the color value is a core competence.

Many brands like Victoria’s Secret, Google, and others keep color in mind. We must always implement the color competence strategy and keep this in mind when planning a website. One must not ignore this factor.

2. Content

How to style content for your website?

There are several techniques and countless tools within the market where you have to pay hefty, premium charges. The involvement of automation tools in digital promoting serving to digital marketers to research, design and execute is a more robust strategy. However, we all know “Content is the king” while drafting the content of your website or blog, it is always important to maintain a decent ratio of text and information graphics and photos. A decent quality of content is often supported by a decent analysis and picturesque view. Always offer enticing titles to your blog and if it is a website content, always concentrate on conveyancing the most effective data in restricted words with keywords enclosed.

  • Make different pages for every product or category and outline them using a good quality of original graphics and content. The better you’ll write, the better you’ll style.
  • Keep updating your website on regular basis. There should be a regular activity on your website like running a blog section in the website. Sharing on social media channels is another key.

3. Speed optimization

  • Speed plays a very important role in every website. The website sometimes using any CMS is typically heavy. Improvement of your website is important.
  • Edit the themes and CSS files; make it light in order that it may be simply loaded while compromising the look must not be adhered to.
  • Optimize the images of your website, compress them. However, the standard should not fall.
  • Keep your website user-friendly with good quality and rich content.

4. Correct Use of Tags

  • Alt Tags– it is the most effective way to get the backlinks yet. Put a correct alt tag on your website images. The images will appear in search results and it will provide a good boost to your website.
  • Heading tags (H1, H2…) – The H1 tag is named heading tag. Do not use H1 tag too repeatedly on your website. The H1 tag should contain your SEO keyword, corporate, or website name.
  • Meta Tags– The Meta tags include:
    • Page title
    • Description
    • Keywords

5. Always checks for URLs

  • After submitting your website to look engines for indexing. It takes a time that the Google crawlers can crawl your website and indexes it on SERP.
  • Always check sitemap submissions and also the indexed URLs in webmaster tool. Check that URLs aren’t indexed or throwing HTTP error.
  • Rectify the HTTP errors once sitemap submission is done.
  • Block the URLs or content you do not want to index by the Google in robot file.

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